What it is about

Cell regeneration with energetic essences

In our daily lifes we are all exposed to a variety of environmental pollution as for example electrosmog, chemicals, particulates and heavy metals. Likewise we eat food which don’t correspond to the standards of a really healthy and lively lifestyle. We hardly can change these environmental influeces and eating habits, nonetheless we are able to make sure that our skin, organs and our cell-system are supported in their work.

The basis for that consists of:

1. Medicinal herbs and plants
2. Minerals (as Himalayan salt, Schüssler salts, dried mud for therapeutic properties etc.)
3. Precious stones and healing crystals
4. Colloidal precious metals as gold, silber, platinum etc.

These essences are cosmetic products, which contain 100% natural active substances and information from more than 3000 medicinl herbs and healing crystals. They are sprayed directly on the skin.

This first worldwide-patented extraction technology enables that active substances and information can reach the cells down to the bones through the skin within seconds (between 8-30 seconds). At the same time the self-healing power of the body will be effectively supported. Our body takes out the necessary active substances, the rest will be sorted out within 72 hours.

All the sprays, the face serum, body lotion and the Shampoo are completely free of surfactants, chemical or synthetic substances as well as hormones.

There have been positive reactions as well for animals (horses, cats and dogs).

*The products are not recognized healing-products, they don’t claim for successful cure!

The products are not available on the free market!

For a product presentation you can watch this video: Product & marketing presentation

If you want to purchase the products and if you are interested in creating an income please contact us beforehand via E-Mail. This way we are glad to arrange an appointment via phone or Skype!

Preface for the reports of experiences

Due to legal reasons we are obliged to indicate that: All the examples of usage and reports of experiences are based on personal reports, which have been revealed through usage on the part of users from our Team and partners. It is a project, which helps to gain awareness for a better lifestyle. It’s a project, which supports the services of our doctors and non-medical practitioners. These products activate your self-healing power in a natural way and helps to take responsibility for yourself and your life.


Centring and focus: The first product I started to use was the energy spray.
The result was astonishing. I’ve used it in the first three days for three times per day. Every time I sprayed 2-3 times under the tongue (morning, afternoon and evening). I instantly felt an absolute energy kick! I was motivated and absolutely awake like never before. I had the sensation to be present and aware of everything that sorrounds me. I felt like I found my inner balance again. I wish I had known these products during my university studies. Then I could have gotten through university more easily and without stress. The energy spray is definitely my favourite and I can’t even imagine my handbag without it.


Acne: I used the spray for sensitive skin for a customer in my beauty parlour. My client suffered from severe acne (red face and a lot of pimples), which couldn’t be removed with other methods. During the facial treatment I sprayed on the clients face for at least four times. At home my client continued to use the spray. I was absolutely surprised when I met my client again after a short time. The skin was fully recovered and not even scars has been formed. (as it usually happens with traditional methods). A follow-up treatment wasn’t necessary.


Persistent backache: Because of my office job, I’m very limited in my movements. Therefore I often suffer from strong pain on my back. I sprayed along my back several times per day using the spray with alcohol (also at work), I applicated the spray directly at my nape and on my shoulders. After one week the pain has totally gone and I had the feeling that even my posture has improved. I absolutely recommend it!